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Food Safety Certification For The California Online Class

Information about California Food Safety Certification Online

Within the State of California, All employees working in establishments for food service which prepare, handle and serve food items that aren’t pre-packaged (like restaurants) must be able to show an approved food safety certificate. There are two types of food safety certificates food handler and food supervisor. The food handler certificate is typically known as the food handler’s certificate. Food manager certification can also be referred to as Food safety certification or food protection manager certification. Food handler certifications are typically intended for workers at the entry level, like waiters and food preparation employees, and food manager certification is generally reserved for owners and/or managers of establishments that provide food services.

It is possible to obtain the two types of certificates on the internet by taking a class and successfully passing an exam. There are a variety of sites that provide these types of courses. However, for the state of California, the courses have to be certified through the American National Standards Institute. The courses offered online are generally self-paced. However, employees may be required to complete them within a specific timeframe.

The requirements for California Food Safety Certification

The certification for Food Handlers is a 90-minute test that takes up to 2 hours to pass and includes the exam. The exam is required to be passed with at least 70 per cent. Food handler certifications must be renewed every three years. California food handlers are able to apply for their certification in several establishments.

Certification of a Food Safety Manager must be completed with at least eight hours of education and the exam. The exam is required to be passed with at least a score of 72 per cent. Food safety manager certifications are required to be renewed every five years. California food safety managers are able to only apply their certification to only one establishment at a.

Certain careers require Food Safety Certification.

There are a variety of jobs, from entry-level to senior and require certification for food safety.

Food Preparation Workers

Food preparation workers assist the more experienced staff, like cooks and chefs, prepare food. While chefs prepare the food, the food preparation workers measure ingredients, cut meats, fruits and vegetables and clean up the area for work.

and Beverage Serving and Beverage Serving and Related Workers

Food and beverage service and related workers are a mix of customer and service employees. They are found in fast-food establishments, cafeterias, movie theatres, cafeterias, coffee shops, and many more, usually behind counters. Their main responsibilities are making customer orders, cooking the food and serving it, keeping an orderly work environment and processing payments.


Cooks work in a range of establishments serving food under the supervision of chefs, head cooks and food service supervisors. They are upskilled workers in food preparation and are often tasked with the preparation of various kinds of food items. However, they are not the ones who design the recipe or menu. Certain kinds of cooks are tasked to cook a particular food item, like grill cooks, fry cooks or vegetable cooks.

Chefs and Chef Cooks

Chefs and head cooks supervise the kitchen’s food preparation and supervise staff. They typically develop menus and recipes, teach new employees, check the work areas to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness, as well as oversee the inventory. There could be multiple types of chief cooks or chefs within the establishment, but usually, there is a head chef who is in charge of the establishment as well as the sous chef is the person in control when heading the Chef away.

Food Service Managers

Food service managers supervise the activities of restaurants as well as other establishments that serve food. Their responsibilities do not have as much to do with the handling of food and are more concerned with the operations of the establishment. They could recruit and train new employees and order food, drinks and other supplies, conduct inspections to ensure cleanliness and health and food safety regulations, as well as manage budgets and payroll and ensure that customers are satisfied.

Job TitleMedian Annual Payment (2019)The outlook for the job market (2018-2028)

Food Preparation Workers $24,800 8%

Serving Food and Beverage Serving and Related Workers $21,750 14%

Cooks $26,360 11%

Chefs and Chef Cooks $51,530 11%

Food Service Managers $55,320 11%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

There are two kinds of food safety certification in California food handler and food safety management certification. They are needed for a wide range of positions in the food service industry, such as food preparation workers, chefs, chefs, and food service managers.