The Metaverse In 2040 – An IRL Guide to Immersive Reality

Hype? Hope? Hell? Perhaps it’s all three. Experts are divided on the likelihood of the creation of a fully immersive metaverse. They anticipate that mixed- and augmented reality enhancements will become more valuable for everyday use. Many fear that the present issues with online communication could be exacerbated when Web3 development is overseen by the … Read more

How To Build A Metaverse Virtual World Like Ready Player One

The metaverse term has been exploding across the internet over the last several months. The news of Facebook being changed to Meta was received mixed with both excitement and doubt (mostly from Matrix as well as Black Mirror fans). The experts define Metaverse as a brand new concept to communicate with people online, which could … Read more

What Is the Metaverse? And Why Is It Important to Virtual Reality?

TL;DR The Metaverse is the concept of a permanent, online 3D world that connects various virtual environments. It can be thought of as a futuristic version of the web. Metaverses will enable users to collaborate, meet or play with each other in these 3D environments. The Metaverse isn’t yet fully exist. However, some platforms include … Read more