The Complete Beginner’s Guide To What Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Artificial intelligence is the imitation of human-like intelligence processes by machines, specifically computers. The specific application areas that make use of AI are expert systems, natural speech processing, speech recognition, and machine vision. What is the process behind AI function? As the buzz around AI has increased, companies have been rushing to announce their services and products … Read more

A Visual Timeline Of How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The World

The majority of people aren’t aware of the idea of artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, when 1,500 top business leaders from the United States in 2017 were asked about AI, just 17 percent of them said they were knowledgeable about AI. [1] Many of them weren’t certain about what AI was or how it could affect their … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Definition – The Basics

What is the process behind Artificial Intelligence Work? What is AI? Just a decade after aiding the Allied forces in winning World War II by breaking the Nazi encryption machine Enigma the mathematician Alan Turing revolutionized the world a second time by asking a query: “Can machines think?” Turing’s paper from 1950, ” Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” and the following Turing … Read more

What’s AI? A Simple Explanation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explained In the simplest sense, AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is a term used to describe machines or systems that mimic human intelligence to complete tasks and are able to enhance themselves based on the information they acquire. AI can be seen in a variety of different forms. Examples include: Chatbots … Read more